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Staff Profiles: Summer Graduate Interns

The development of the next generation of community change professionals is a key contributor to our mission to create healthy, just, and equitable communities. This month, we feature our two graduate interns.

Reese Crispen, Summer Graduate Intern, is a master’s student in applied economics at Georgetown University, where he focuses on identifying determinants of and solutions to economic inequality. He has experience doing research on the casual impact of minimum wage policy on employment, the SNAP program, and the disproportionate burden nontariff trade barriers place on developing economies. Previously, he has worked for the City of New York as a tester for a housing discrimination study, as a technical assistant to a 2015 Pulitzer Prize-nominated Reuters report on the SCOTUS bar, and as a field interviewer at NORC at the University of Chicago. At Community Science, Mr. Crispen provides data organization and analysis assistance to evaluations of the National Partnership for Action and the APA-led Cyber Mentors program.

Abiodun (Abi) Azeez, Summer Graduate Intern, is a Ph.D. student in sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. She has experience in research, analysis, and policy writing, with a broad interest in interventions and social programs for socioeconomically disadvantaged populations in the U.S. and Sub-Saharan Africa. Previously, she collected data on various welfare programs and worked with national, state, and local organizations on data analysis and interpretation, contributing to their advocacy efforts to enhance the financial well-being of low-income families and communities. She also did quantitative and qualitative program evaluation work, analyzing the impacts of educational interventions for low-income K–12 youth and communities across the state of Michigan. Additionally, she has several years of experience in direct service work and administrative support at organizations serving disadvantaged groups. At Community Science, she has been assisting with data collection and analysis, research, and survey development.

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