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Staff Profile: Sofia Sabirova, M.S.

Sofia Sabirova, M.S., Research Assistant, has focused on assessing the impact of social and economic factors on health disparities, and the influence of legal and social factors on incarceration rates in federal and state prisons, during her professional career. At Community Science, she works on various projects, including an assessment of the National Resource Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention (NRC), and an evaluation of the Youth Justice Leadership Institute, a project of the National Juvenile Justice Network. Sofia collects, analyzes, and summarizes quantitative and qualitative data. She also serves on the Community Science Survey Team and is responsible for the design and quality of both print and web-based surveys for selected projects.

Prior to joining Community Science, Sofia worked at several research centers and laboratories in the U.S. and Russia to address social inequities among diverse cultural groups; these include the Center for Race and Social Policy Research where she worked on an evaluation to examine the criminal justice experiences of African Americans and the Institute for Policy and Governance where she assessed the distribution of education, economic, and transition resources provided for veterans in Virginia.

While living in Russia, Sofia participated in and won several literature competitions focused on classical literature text analysis and essay writing. She also speaks basic Mandarin Chinese!

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